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business cards

Posted by Print Response Uganda Limited on January 15, 2020 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (1)" target="_blank">Why are business cards important?" target="_blank">" target="_blank">Business cards are often the first piece of marketing we have printed when we start or join a new business and with today’s digital printing techniques anyone can get professional business cards without breaking the bank. Of course, a lot of business is carried out online, so do we really need business cards?" target="_blank">Design the perfect wedding invitations for Valentine’s (or any other) Day" target="_blank">" target="_blank">Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year and rounds up what’s known as the proposal season (November-February). Not only that but a recent survey by jeweller James Allen revealed that 43% of 1,000 recently married couples think Valentine’s Day is the best time of the year to get engaged. So… Read more »" target="_blank">Tips for self-adhesive vinyl application" target="_blank">" target="_blank">Self-adhesive vinyl is a striking, noticeable and long-lasting form of marketing that’s really effective both inside and outdoors. From adhesive window graphics and posters to custom vinyl stickers, vinyl advertising and vinyl sticker printing have never been more popular. Some people may worry that it’s tricky to apply and if that sounds like you, fear… Read more »" target="_blank">Creating great POS marketing for retail" target="_blank">" target="_blank">If you’re in retail or if you sell products or services from your premises you’ll know the importance of influencing a customer’s decision to buy. All businesses try to upsell. In retail POS and POP marketing are the most effective ways to do so.


Choose the right type of document binding

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Document Binding


The ideal document binding method depends largely on the function of the document, the number of pages it contains and the printing budget. Perfect Bound Books Perfect bound book printing is a widely used method for magazines, books and reports. With this method, the pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a… Read more »

Perfect Bound – Your Perfect Solution!


Perfect Bound Book Printing


Whether you’re printing a magazine, book or anything from 40 to 700 pages, perfect bound book printing could well be your perfect option. Highly professional in appearance and very cost effective, even for small quantities. Perfect binding is extremely popular for a huge range of publications, from manuals, reports and catalogues, right up to soft-cover… Read more »

Roll Up Banner Stands – 5 Helpful Design Tips



Roll Up Banner Stands, also known as Roller Banners or Pull Up Banners, are an important resource for any exhibitor looking to stand out at an exhibition or trade show. They can also be used to make a big impact in your shop or place of business as a great addition to your point of sale materia

things to consider when designing brochures

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3 things to consider when designing brochures" target="_blank">Posted by Print response uganda limited" target="_blank">These days, design is everything. With so many companies taking exceptionally creative routes to stand out amongst their competition, there has never been a better time to sit down and really think about the how’s and why’s of brochure design. With so many elements to consider when designing a brochure, it’s fundamental that you take… Read more »" target="_blank">Balance between images and text when designing flyers" target="_blank">Posted by Print response uganda limited" target="_blank">It can be an all too familiar conundrum – shall I go for a nice big photo or just use some text to get my point across. Designing a leaflet that will stand out can be a long process and there is no easy and quick way to design something that will instantly make an… Read more »" target="_blank">7 ways stickers and labels can add value to your marketing" target="_blank">Posted by Print response uganda limited" target="_blank">Stickers and labels can often be an underused tool when it comes to promoting your business. For many companies, stickers can sometimes appear to look cheap and in turn this may be thought to devalue your brand. But this isn’t always the case, when you invest in quality stickers and labels, you can do so… Read more »" target="_blank">Why banners can make a huge impact in your shop" target="_blank">Posted by Print response uganda limited on 26/11/13" target="_blank">In any shop environment; whether it is a high street retailer, your local butcher or hairdresser, a large hardware shop or even a fashion outlet, making the right impression with customers when they come through your doors is always important. In today’s ever challenging retail environment (where e-commerce and m-commerce continue to grow) the need… Read more »" target="_blank">A Guide to Paper Sizes when Designing a Brochure" target="_blank">Posted by Print response uganda limited on" target="_blank">Paper weight refers to the thickness of the sheet of paper that you pick for your printed product. Here at, we offer a wide range of weights for you to choose from for your brochure. Pape weight will impact on the cost of your final print job, however, it can also impact on the… Read more »" target="_blank">5 ways to improve how your business recycles" target="_blank">Posted by Print response uganda limited" target="_blank">These days’ recycling in our homes is a normal habit and is for the most, a council law. More and more of us separate our waste to perfection; food, plastic, paper and even grass cuttings get a separate box and all for good reason. We want to teach our children the importance of recycling," target="_blank">Why it pays to go green when printing leaflets" target="_blank">Posted by Print response uganda limited" target="_blank">In years gone by, recycled material was always synonymous with a lesser quality in the printing world. While it was considered good for the environment and often a cheaper alternative, recycled paper just didn’t seem to meet the mark in terms of quality. These days, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course" target="_blank">Print infographic – Printing trends: A digital future" target="_blank">Posted by Print response uganda limited" target="_blank">In this latest Digital Printing blog we are using an infographic to take a look at the impact of the digital age on the printing sector and the future for digital printing. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to let us know what you thought of the information provided." target="_blank">5 Reasons to use flyers to promote special events" target="_blank">Posted by Print response uganda limited" target="_blank">When it comes to organising a special event such as a sale, music concert or perhaps even a store opening, one thing you must be sure to do is make people aware of it. There are many ways you can do this including radio, TV, billboards and newspapers. These mediums can tend to be beyond… Read more »" target="_blank">The importance of proofreading your brochure for print" target="_blank">Posted by Print response uganda limited" target="_blank">Would you ever send artwork for a billboard or business card to print before taking time to proofread it? Billboards and business cards can play a big role in creating a first impression of your business and as a result you’ll take the time needed to make sure your message is right. The same should…" target="_blank">Read more »


10 ways to make your printed flyer stand out

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Monthly Archives: October 2013

10 ways to make your printed flyer stand out

Posted by Print response uganda limited on 18/10/13

We recently looked at 6 things to avoid when designing a flyer and while creating that list it got us thinking. Flyers can be a great way of promoting your business and no matter how large or small you are; they can become an integral part of your marketing strategy. In business it is important… Read more »

Make an Impact with the Rapide Curved Pop Up Stand

Posted by Print response uganda limited on 17/10/13

Last week we looked at how important it is to really maximise your space at an exhibition to stand out. One way that we identified can help you stand out at an exhibition is through using the right banners. One banner in particular that can have a great impact at an exhibition or conference is… Read more »

4 Industries that can benefit from printed brochures

Posted by Print response uganda limited on 10/10/13

Printed brochures can provide companies with the perfect platform to showcase their product and services to customers. A brochure allows you to include all the necessary information along with any details on prices or special offers. The biggest advantage to using printed brochures is that it provides a canvas of which you can showcase your… Read more »

5 Twitter accounts from the world of print to get following

Posted by Print response uganda limited on 09/10/13

Twitter has quickly established itself as a must have social media platform for all types of business. The printing industry is just one of many that help businesses keep up to date with latest news, trends and offers in 140 characters. We are quickly getting used to Twitter ourselves having launched our own Digital Printing… Read more »

Maximising your space to stand out at an exhibition

Posted by Print response uganda limited on 08/10/13

Last month we looked at how the Curvorama can really help you stand out. Standing out and making potential customers take notice of at an exhibition is something that can take many organisations years to master. As the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’, and this is so true in relation to exhibitions. The more exhibitions,… Read more »

6 Things to avoid when designing your next flyer

Posted by Print response uganda limited on 07/10/13

A flyer can often be a cheap and cheerful way to get your brand in front of your customers. Flyers can be great at promoting special events or offers and also providing customers with more information on a specific product or service that you are providing. Making your flyer stand out though and hit all… Read more »


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Printed Brochures?

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The best commercial photographers in Kampala ...



What will 2014 mean for printed brochures?


Posted by Print response uganda limited on 31/01/14


We recently looked at 4 reasons to consider using printed brochures, and with January almost behind us, we thought we’d take a look at what 2014 will mean for printed brochures. Brochures are an extremely popular way to promote your services and they continue to be used by business of all shapes and sizes throughout… Read more »

From design to print: how your leaflets are made


Posted by Print response uganda limited on 30/01/14


In business, it’s normal for us to become involved in the design of our marketing material, (or at the very least we will approve it). Following this it is sent to the printing and comes back to us for distribution. But what happens throughout that process? We invest so much time and pay so much… Read more »

A 5 step guide to using compliment slips


Posted by Print response uganda limited on 29/01/14


It’s almost considered a staple in the business world along with business cards and letterheads but compliments slips offer much more than a simple space to give some nice compliments to customers. While they will include the line “with compliments”, a compliment slip should always be seen as another way of promoting yourself and your… Read more »

Pull up vs pop up banner stands


Posted by Print response uganda limited on 27/01/14


When it comes to deciding on a banner stand and thinking of your design, the biggest decision for many companies is often “What sort of banner should I go for?” Well, there are plenty of options including, a large banner, small banner, a roller stand, a pop up stand or a pull up stand. Before… Read more »

4 reasons to use outdoor printing to boost your business


Posted by Print response uganda limited on 24/01/14


We all know the importance of print. It can play a big role in raising the profile of your business, and allows you to communicate your message with your customers. It allows you to portray an image of your business; a way in which you want the world to see you. It provides you with… Read more »

4 ways to reduce costs and keep quality when printing leaflets


Posted by Print response uganda limited on 23/01/14


When deciding to print leaflets, like all things in life, we get what we pay for. It’s important to consider price but it’s more important to consider quality in relation to price. The last thing you want to do is cheapen your business and your reputation, only to deter from it by creating cheap and… Read more »

5 Reasons to make 2014 all about the banner


Posted by Print response uganda limited on 22/01/14


Banner stands are a great way to let everyone know who you and what you’re about. They are durable, and if you create a great banner, it can make a huge impact. Take a look at our top 5 reasons for printing (or reprinting) a banner.

7 things to remember when designing and using invites


Posted by Print response uganda limited on 21/01/14


Invitations can be used for a wide range of events, from a new product launch to a conference and birthday parties to weddings. The humble invite has been the weapon of choice for decades when it comes to letting people know about a party or event that you are planning.

5 reasons to use leaflets in 2014


Posted by Print response uganda limited on 20/01/14


We recently looked at 6 ways SME’s can benefit from using printed leaflets, but it’s not just small and medium sized organisations that can benefit from using leaflets in their marketing approach. Leaflets can offer great benefits to all organisations, no matter how big or small you may be.

3 Print predictions for 2014


Posted by Print response uganda limited on 17/01/14


Between Google glass, self driving cars, tiny tablets and phones that can control our televisions – we don’t think anyone could have guessed just how far technology would have come. Even 10 years ago, all these things would have seemed utterly ridiculous, but we have invented, and reinvented some truly fascinating pieces of technology



PDF Format

Posted by Print Response Uganda Limited on August 2, 2019 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

The Portable Document Format (PDF) (redundantly: PDF format) is a file format developed by Adobe in the 1990s to present documents, including text formatting and images, in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems.[2][3] Based on the PostScript language, each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, fonts, vector graphics, raster images and other information needed to display it. PDF was standardized as ISO 32000 in 2008, and no longer requires any royalties for its implementation.

Today, PDF files may contain a variety of content besides flat text and graphics including logical structuring elements, interactive elements such as annotations and form-fields, layers, rich media (including video content) and three dimensional objects using U3D or PRC, and various other data formats.[citation needed] The PDF specification also provides for encryption and digital signatures, file attachments and metadata to enable workflows requiring these features.